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Tropical Leaves
in the beginning...

In 2012 Rick woke up and said he had a dream a  and would like to raise bees. Since I just finished reading an article about the decline of pollinators and their importance to the environmental food chain, I did not bat an eye to his comment. Two weeks later I woke Rick up and told him to pick up his live bees at the post-office asap because the personel was terrified of the buzzing box.  

There's No Place like Home

We started with two hives and now manage about 30 personal hives and have endured many stings along the way. Our hives are located in south Philly, Springfield, Berwyn and Chester which produce our local raw, "wildflower" honey. We say wildflower because we don't control what the bees bring back to the hive and feel this is better for allergies and the environment. Unlike many store bought honey our honey can crystalize because we don't process our honey, we filter it thus leaving the natural benefits. Crystallization is not bad, it is easier to spread on toast or spoon into warm liquid but it can always be turned  back into its liquid state by a warm water bath.    

Swarm of Bees
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