about bee here now

bee here now is a small family run apiary that has bee yards in south Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.  



honey and products

We sell raw local honey from our hives. Also sell honey based products such as lip balm, soaps, and candles. 


hive help

Always dreamed of having your own bee hive? We can help you obtain the necesary materials and gear to make your dream a reality. 


swarm removal

We'll help you get rid of bees quickly and safely from your home or business. 

informative resources

what customers had to say

"Very Professional"

I had bees on a high soffit and was afraid to open the window. Bee her now came out set up scaffoling and removed the hive. Even though they were paper wasp, they removed the hive to a secluded wooded area because even these creatures are benificial to the enviroment. 

"Great Service"

I always wanted a hive in my yard to help the enviroment but was a little intimidated on the overall process. They helped me obtain all the necessary things needed and even installed the bees into the hive. They came back for a follow up visit to check on te hive and pointed me in the right direction for education / maintainance of my hive. 

Great products

One  of the best lip balms on the market - My child kept licking her lips and the other chapstick was not alliviating the issue.

bee here now's balm put moisture back on her lips and did not have to keep reapplying like the other brands. 



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